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斗战神离人之泪万事得汽车Looked at a line of people left the direction, lyu3 bu4 sneer at 1, the battle has lasted for a few days, the west cool army, also should roll back home.After a few days of trimming, Korea hence again to the north county and stability county a lead soldiers, this time, Korea hence will mainly concentrate on the north county side, for zhang liao, seibel, Korea hence can safely use qiang people and don't have to worry about their defection.

Cheng Gongying only feel a breath by d raw pressure in the cavity, opened his mouth, To make a sound, Can't say half a word, watched d rushed up at a very fast speed, stiffly raised the pike in his hand, day wolf gun has been like a poisonous snake across his throat, gurgling blood rushed out of the cavity, but there is no figure, the ear vaguely came the roar of soldiers and shout kill, the world gradually fell into limitless darkness."Husband?""West cool men, when fair, even if the battlefield also die without regret, don't you dare, can only use the old, weak women and children, and just born to highlight the childish?" D saw Liang Xing appeared in YuanMen, harsh voice scold a way.斗战神离人之泪"That general is wise."

斗战神离人之泪We got a situation!"Monseigneur, before carefully to report, but there is a force of about one thousand people stationed in wei camp, carrying the word flag. Zhong yao side, general whispered to zhong yao."Master quickly withdraw!" Liang Xing saw zhang liao straight rushed to this side, a point under the gun, the army of unexpectedly no enemy, self-knowledge, hurriedly came to Korea hence side, disease track.

"Husband, Korea hence take the initiative to give up hanyang county, let our army didn't move a soldier a pawn, got a county, why see husband's appearance, but not too happy?" Yang Xi doubted to lyu3 bu4."Kill none of them, kill all of them!" In the rain, d a take off the head of the screaming moon helmet, mercilessly smashed the head of a west cool warrior, long hair floating, like a ghost from hell, scarlet eyes, flashing a palpitating cold light."Before lyu3 bu4 dare not guarantee, but now lyu3 bu4 will!" Country and xun yu looked at each other, smiling with a bit bitter way: "in today's lyu3 bu4 performance, will never want to let lombardi sit big, master if win, want to annex hebei, countless years of work, but lombardi if win, with his fame of the fourth generation of three dukes, can swallow the central plains in a short time, achievement of the northern overlord, lyu3 bu4."斗战神离人之泪




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