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十年九逢闰厦门种植牙"Fire!" Three hundred bed crossbow roar, three hundred giant arrow rend the air of the pike, thickness, with a deep and sharp howling, instantaneous, over five hundred steps distance a rumbling sound, a shield wall shot an incision, many have not yet had time to retreat was equipped with the arrow through the body directly, bloody breath at once.When liu bei and guan yu, huang zhong, Shi Guangyuan and pro who arrived at the place of songshan cemented, and home, follow, ms liu has arrived, it is Shi Guangyuan suggestion, after all, liu bei is the leud cemented, the only one with governors have cemented governors, identity, than men at and follow, ms liu to a high, nature can't come with them."No definitive information." Shaking his head, the nighthawk bowed.

"Fire!""This is not difficult, just take enough food, wuxi pretty will agree." Ma liang nodded: "but our army and liu zhang originally as Allies, rushed to attack, in the righteousness of discord, do not know the strategist...... "十年九逢闰Zhou yu could not help smiling and saying, "don't worry. As long as there is no food and grass at the mouth of the lake, the whole jingxiang army and horses will be in disorder. Jiang xia has no time to stop our rear road.

十年九逢闰"What's that, a shield?" Pound frowning at the jingzhou army out of the thing, he had heard yesterday in the tiger prison pass outside the battle, cao army shield car nearly broke gao shun crossbow, but for the shield car help, gao shun's results will be more brilliant."Well ~" in the hall, there was a cold voice, then calm again, as if the voice just appeared is an illusion.Although the atmosphere became a little awkward, cao cao seemed not to feel the general, called the people into the account again, only this time, sun jing uncle and nephew was obviously ignored many, but cao cao as a strong and brave side, to meet people, naturally has his own set of skills, a short time later, the atmosphere was warm up again.

River bank edge, a beacon tower above, several guard beacon tower jingzhou soldiers sit together chat chat fart, such a day, ghost will not come out, therefore, the heart of vigilance relaxed a lot."Oh?" Gao shunwen yan, with people on the lookout, watching the slow approaching shield and shield after the car, a bed crossbow, frowning thought: "or just the direction, continue to shoot!"KuaiShi brothers as long as one man, left for liu bei, is the devil, jingzhou past four everybody, even kill kuai family, as long as there is a stay, and that is to inherit the whole kuai former connections, this kind of thing is invisible, intangible, invisible, but real, and very difficult to eradicate, not polite to speak, if liu bei to kuai now home network uprooted, that his hand at least most of the people to suffer, even several major counselor, including the various ge is bright, like liu bei alienation, that even if he had the jingzhou, will fall into the predicament of the liu table that year.十年九逢闰




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