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宝贝你好紧下面水好多|蒙古黑药丹神抗骨丸"Lord! At this time, a general flurried zhang ran to yuan shang sad li way: "the big childe just captured the city gate, has in froyuan into the person's guard under the city! And a lot of rich people ran away with them.""Is this not a rebellion?" Cao cao frowns and says: "how is this different from the yellow turban?"The sky was overcast, there was a faint rumble of thunder on the horizon, and the air was filled with a sense of overtime! Cao cao was not surprised but happy: "quick, order the ministries, back camp!"

Zhang Feike more than one people, behind him, also follow one teenager, meiqingmuxiu, however the gas with a tough, in the hands of a sword, it seems, quite a few minutes of guan yu bearing, only without the guan yu to be sharp, to see his uncle in the battle with the enemy, afraid of the other party advance cavalry, surround zhang fei, tucked some routed soldiers fled, and went to the jingzhou quickly for a flyby array.See pang tong again, the whole person has lost a circle, originally some heavy mood inexplicably relieved a lot, smile way: "shi yuan this period of time hard, in a moment to withdraw some salary, I am the master, to help shi yuan salary doubled.宝贝你好紧下面水好多|"Guan yu! ?" < / p > < p > lu lingqi eyes a cold, this person she impression is too deep, in the ancient city but almost killed himself.

宝贝你好紧下面水好多|"Gong da, send a letter to ban, our troops in the east of the river to withdraw." Looking at xunyou, cao cao said in a deep voice, "remember, take as many people as you can, never take as little as you can.Lyu3 bu4 now in the army military system, promoting the pre-qin active will reward, and will punish, military ZhuoZhuZhe, can gain wealth, women, land, GuanJue, military enough, as long as you get more wealth and status, therefore, lyu3 bu4 now under force cannot be compared with Carthage, cao cao, but imposing manner, the pre-qin relies on the system, practice a sweep the Wolf of the world, swept through the six countries, achievement unify the achievements of all over the world, and now, it is to rely on the system that lyu3 bu4 continue to strong army fighting will."He might have lasted a month without the snow, but now, if he did not want to fall, he would have to withdraw as soon as the snow stopped." With these words, pang tong sneezed mercilessly and apologized to gao shun, saying, "please forgive me. At the end of the day, my body could not stand the cold wind, so I retired first."

After initial physical fitness, training, the training is the training for assassination, get information, in addition, there are some tactics, which is a title of generals in ancient times and owl camp training together, lyu3 bu4 even from hua tuo door, draw a like poison of partial medical artisan, how to teach these women in the absence of backup, configure some simple poison, in short, although these women won't go to battle, but after the task will be more dangerous than normal battle, returns will be more."There has been a change in jizhou. I will rush to the unification of jizhou and take charge of the war. Looking at Chen gong, the first real strategist in lu bu's hands, he has been gradually in the background, dealing with internal affairs for lu bu.< / p > < p > the land of an arrow cut but come, see to go into the range of convenience, lidian raised the long gun mercilessly swing down: "put!"宝贝你好紧下面水好多|




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