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死亡手表|三腺活圣脐可贴"Whoosh! Whoosh!"Looking around at a group of captive generals, lyu3 bu4's voice gradually turned cold, suddenly said: "these captive generals, all killed!""Burning oil ~ Burning oil!" Instant thought of what the knife shield hand crazy crowded behind the crowd, while hysterical uttered a despairing cry.

"I know it, but..." Wei Yan put down another bamboo paper in his hand, That's the military order from changan, There's been a lot of rumor going on, Wei yan has been ready to be replaced at any time, after all, compared to others, he is just a new general, now alone led an army, this is easy to hate, plus this rumor, let wei yan was once discouraged, zhong yao these days, more than once sent to recruit, undeniable, there are a few times, wei yan.Unlike Zhang embroidery methodical, d chose the most barbaric way, with superb riding, toward YuanMen direction hit, hand TianWolf gun with the smell of destruction, will easily YuanMen bolts broken, directly into the camp YuanMen.Lyu3 bu4 should also have understood his situation, just don't know, how will he live?死亡手表|

死亡手表|"Thank you master love." Giffin said with a smile."Master rest assured!" Hand a straight chest, awe-inspiring way."Draw the snake out of the cave, and bring out the military forces of the king's court of the huns! Otherwise, with the sturdiness of the beautiful city of millet, there is no siege weapon, I can't let the cavalry rushed up the wall!" Lyu3 bu4 smiled coldly and said coldly, "If Mei Ji Cheng wants to help Chicken Luzhai, this is the only way to go. Let people dig the horse pit at once. We will destroy the main force of the Xiongnu court here in World War I!"

"Here!" Xu Sheng bow down to lead the life, after the first world war, seibel has established enough prestige in the hearts of all."Happy?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head: "Korea hence this is a broken arm to survive, if he continues to divide the troops in Hanyang, our army can gradually nibble away at his troops, to maintain the war, constantly grow themselves."Lyu3 bu4 heart a sigh, d and sun ce at present is basically in a grade, if he didn't break through before, may also be able to support 20 or 30, but now, under his full strength, can support a heavy wave, has been rare, d, is far from reaching with zhang fei war hundreds of tie.死亡手表|





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