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麦叮网|捕鱼器价格Therefore, even though lu bu had occupied linrong, the king of tu also chose to fight back. Unless he was willing to give up the throne of tu and become a vassal of other tribes, linrong city could not be abandoned in any way."No!

'well? Lv lingqi quietly attracted li shuxiang, asked."Do not need from the chaos, presumably that lu thief also know their actions have been angry, will strengthen the general house defense. The old man known as jian gong was named sima phong, the head of a prominent family in Hanoi. At that time, lu bu entered Hanoi, because Hanoi was too far away from chang 'an, and he was out of the control of lu phu. Therefore, he brought back all the people in Hanoi together with the family and prominent family.On the field, the two sides of the confrontation, hamu son wearing a suit of leather armor, in the front of the two army to swim away, mouth with xiongnu language continued to provoke.麦叮网|No general, however formidable, could have been defeated in a battle with his own strength, and the battle would not have been so easy had it not been for the fact that the main body had been beaten by the hussars.

麦叮网|"Now, what have you got up your sleeve to help us out?" Lu lingqi sat on a bluestone, looking at the ugly youth way: "right, do not know what you call?"< / p > < p > lu lingqi that day in zhou cang "escort", with their results back to chang 'an, lu bu was punished for detention, a pass is more than a month, until lu bu big marriage, was released, just catch up with lu bu big marriage, everyone is busy, natural no time to deal with these things."Kill!" At that moment, three hundred cavalry battalions, each mounted on horseback, followed lv bu's order and charged towards the massacred massagers, whose formation was already in disorder.

"No matter who he is, he will hold the river tao in his hands in the spring of next year. At that time, no matter who wins or loses, we will have enough capital to compete with him." Lv bu gropes for the halberd of the square day painting in the hand, the touch of ice-cold comes from the finger, the heart is quite halcyon however."Lord assured, the allied forces of han sui were disintegrated by general wen yuan and his advisors yesterday. Han sui rode light to break through the encirclement. Ma chao a face depressed way.The sound fell, and the two horses were rapidly approaching.麦叮网|




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