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洛克王国多西技能表|7色瘦Until now, Zhong yao had to admit, I did underestimate lyu3 bu4, Thousands of miles to fight only for a broken guanzhong, If earlier or later years, lyu3 bu4 will never have today's situation, can only say, lyu3 bu4 choose to take root in changan this point in time is too good, just stuck in yuan and cao cao decisive battle this key point, the two giants in the north, whether lombardi or cao cao at this time can't scruple about lyu3 bu4.Pound nodded with a wry smile, based on detailed inquiries, The South Xiongnu invasion, Five xiongnu all out, The number of people on the battlefield today is markedly different from the number in intelligence, You know, lyu3 bu4 but only took five thousand military forces, can contain so many huns has been rare, now pound only hope to support to Korea hence hay exhausted, as for lyu3 bu4 there, pound don't hold out hope, after all, compared with Korea hence side of the huge forces, lyu3 bu4 five thousand cavalry is too little, not enough to around the situation.From the right to jincheng, said not far away, but there are more than one hundred miles, cavalry ran at full speed, also want an hour, d didn't do more explanation, with five thousand military forces, toward the direction of jincheng.

"I don't know if it's because I know people by sight, but I didn't mean to do it that day, and I unexpectedly dug up a general for our army!" Looking at Wei Yan, Lyu3 bu4 laughed and said: "Xinfeng World War I, although not the key to this war, but the ability of Wen Chang is to let the general eye-opener.""Unfortunately, the department under the people don't buy it, unavoidable speech conflict, eight days ago, Korea hence son-in-law larocca had a big fight with d." Giffin nodded.Lyu3 bu4 smell speech is slightly zheng, looked at HanDe one eye, HanDe looked puzzled, wondered: "master, what's wrong?"洛克王国多西技能表|"Kill ~ kill ~ kill ~" jun knew he was going to die, at the moment instead inspired infinite morale, howling waving arms in his hand, to the nearer and nearer seibel army provocation.

洛克王国多西技能表|"First in the countryside, not too advanced knowledge, just need to teach young children to read and write for three years, and then qualified, can enter the county institutions of learning, if you can learn, then set up a county school, by some big Confucianism, county school graduate, can come to changan to participate in the examination, if you can pass, then go to the local practice. Lyu3 bu4 laughed, this is probably to imitate later generations of the education system, first primary school, then secondary school, university.Zhong yao stroked his beard without saying a word, looking at Li Bao, Li Bao a scalp numb, for a long time, zhong yao slowly opened his mouth: "I don't believe in general Wen Chang, but this is a big thing, that He Yi He Manwu also heard, is lyu3 bu4 military commanders, quite fierce, just in case, or I rate people to go forward, and Wen Chang general, break it together.""Master, in front of is Montenegro white water, white water is the flow of the jinghe river, all the year round, and very fast, is also won't freeze in winter, white water qiang also hence the name." Giffin on horseback to lyu3 bu4 side, pointing to the front of the mountain road.

"My son d, will revenge for me ~" die waiting for larocca, marten face flashed a hue of resentment."Here!" Although don't understand why, but still faithfully carried out the zhong yao military orders, immediately a wave of his hand, two jun soldiers rushed in, can't help but say, will Li Bao fell to the ground.At and freeze to see the country so shape, helplessly shook his head, no wonder, for the country the drunk unexpectedly before the two of them is not strange, because the goods now licked his face with a family in cao fu to eat, heard a few days ago, the goods have been given to his house to sell cao cao.洛克王国多西技能表|




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