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千年极寒|正点减肥片"Little general!" Pound on horseback came to d side, looking at the wall hung rows of heads, chest a smothering, astringent track, he would like to advise d long-term planning, but looking at the scene, horse family, up and down, this time, is destroyed, after the hall of general fu bo, was destroyed! To the mouth, but no matter what can not spit out.As for lyu3 bu4, just arrived in changan, and now the west cool there is not peaceful, Korea hence killed marten, occupied the west cool, lyu3 bu4 I'm afraid is a headache against Korea hence, it is impossible to draw energy to run here to make waves, instead of the jiangdong bully most let cao cao headache."Master." Hurried footsteps, Chen Gong in seibel and XiongKuoHai accompanying, quickly walked.

Although in the previous life is not what vertical and horizontal field prodigal son, but also can count as read countless women, after crossing, there is the sable cicada, two Joe such wonderful beauty, for women, love or not, but if in bed of learning, lyu3 bu4 can not lose.Xiongkuo haiwen speech had to shut up."Sir, let me kill the dog thief Liang Hing!" Linjing city, d after learning that the generals outside the city is liang xing, the murderous mood in the chest again, aggressive find marotta here, please.千年极寒|"Lyu3 bu4 can have retreat?" Korea hence smell speech, frown asked.

千年极寒|"Er... WenHou, actually XiaGuan came to..." Chen Qun smell speech hurriedly want to discuss zhong yao, was lyu3 bu4 directly interrupted."You are a general, any time, must pay attention to their image!" Frowned, lyu3 bu4 looked at Han De way: "tidy up your armor!"Cao Cao rubbed some of his sore head and looked at Xun Yu with a wry smile. "If there were two bad news that Wen had said before, what was the other one?" He asked.

Chapter 39 indulgence"Kill ~""Hey, how dare you?" Xiongkuo haiwen speech, is some disobedience, since ancient times no first wu no second, listening to others in their ears say how fierce others, naturally uncomfortable, disdainfully curled his mouth: "is not what people have the right to call thousands of improper courage, I'm afraid, also can only be male in the qiang people!"千年极寒|





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