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朱伯勤隐形补发"Master wizardry, this war is bound to be a success!" Said Pound, bending over.Lyu3 bu4 words, Simple and rough, Of course, this is based on his prestige, if not before a series of victories, there is no just like witchcraft to make three tribes suddenly turned against each other, two patriarch can't be lyu3 bu4 words, xianbei to the west, big deal let Daxi new do khan, their position will not be shaken.Lie in bed zhang he finally put down his mind, slept in the past, such as repeatedly, the city garrison even with the night garrison also no longer take this matter seriously, the time of the night, so in the intermittent drums and gongs.

"Reinforcements! How come reinforcements haven't come yet!" A few xiongnu head tie with the last of the troops held the camp, looking at more and more begging voltages gathered around here, sent out a voice of despair and despair.The woman is not stupid, but also quite wrist, almost even oneself have been around, lyu3 bu4 looked up and looked in the direction of the king's tent, eyes flashed a sneer, hum, since dare to murder me, that not only you lost your body, even the soldiers also want to fold!It's a simple trick to get a snake out of a hole, taking full advantage of the arrogance of the Kifu tribe, You know, the Kifu tribe is surrounded by small and medium-sized tribes that cling to the Kifu tribe, If add up, the whole population of the begging fu tribe, at least there are hundreds of thousands, begging fu tribe although army together, but around these small and medium-sized tribes as dependants, had no chance to rescue, that is to say, this battle does not last long, it is in those reinforcements arrived when they have gone.朱伯勤"Let's go," we said as we walked. "I'm afraid Eldest Brother is already in a hurry." Step root can't help but say, pulled up lyu3 bu4 and walked toward the outside of the account.

朱伯勤Mournful hissing roar in the crowd is quite sharp, begging fu goyang smell speech face big change, want to turn over, but horses have been frightened, at the moment has gone, and the whole army with the life-long shriek, is completely bombed camp."You?" Lyu3 bu4 surprised to the woman: "with what?"As for lyu3 bu4 itself, For all the stigma from the south, Is sneer at, three surname slaves by zhang fei that steer scold out, back for so many years, now this point, for lyu3 bu4, just drizzle, lyu3 bu4 at this time, has joined with giffin, began to discuss bing troops, didn't empty the mouth gun, anyway, he was in the central plains famous people there is not what to like.

Look at the tumbling torrent, Daxi new no brain only one word, not only he, originally also calculate dense and neat ride array, at the moment messy, countless xianbei people rushed toward the mouth of the YinFeng gorge, this time, also tube what horse pit, wish his horses gave birth to more than four legs."Bold cao thief, dare to hurt my soldiers!" In the desperation of chen xing, a burst of drinking, a team suddenly fight, the first will, eight feet tall, such as jujube, hand a thick back machete waving with a heavy sharp screaming sound, suddenly will coss army rushed away."Kill!"朱伯勤





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