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化为千风简谱东风小霸王厢式货车"This person and I are not one mind, stay useless, even later will be bad." Dharma zheng shook his head, indifferent.Battle began very abrupt, end soon, cao cao's side is the tiger WeiYing fighters, in front of the nighthawk who, even have no chance to link matrix, hundreds of guard so be fifty nighthawk who nondestructive kill, if you count the slain four hundred Cao Liu before their soldiers sent to protect important regalia, so along while of kung fu, 50 nighthawk who have killed five hundred of the enemy.Looked at the time, milan should have, now dressed, replacement after some kind of family, liu DHS has brought several pro who straight into the thorn

I wanted to manage it, but I couldn't, because there were so many people involved. Even zhang ren, the force of oppression from the whole army from the bottom up, felt breathless."If the general is willing, may he go with the army and pacify yizhou?" Lu zheng smiled, did not force, speak and do things, although there is dignity, but different from lu bu, let a person feel like a spring breeze.The party slowed down, watched, and approached the camp, which was built on a hillside. The closer they got, the more the smell of blood grew in the air, which even ordinary people could smell.化为千风简谱"I wait for mat river to explore a horse, general deng xian, we are yan general's people, beg general help!" < / p > < p > two scouts to see deng xian, hurriedly for help, obviously before the help of guanzhong soldiers scared not light.

化为千风简谱Xingyang, taishoufu, xiagou dun listen to the song mountain to investigate the whereabouts of the missing tiger wei scouts brought back the news, unable to suppress anger, regardless of cao cao on the side, suddenly a clap on the table, shouted: "a good hypocrisy of the big ear thief!"I see." Ford shook his head. "who am I... I can hardly remember myself. We have no name but only a code name. I am night huangwei, and the general can call me dead.

"But it is." Little Joe shook his head, aggrieved.Even so, but from the standings to war still spent half a day, the shu army cost already a long time, people nature can't do with guanzhong army so well trained, the wind action, the shu army in the absence of war, more is in the land, to train two to three months each year has been good, but the guanzhong army is professional troops, not training all the year round, is take turns to go out to perform a task, whether real or military accomplishment, better than the shu army have more than one times.At that moment, separate almost blurts out the letter did not say so, fortunately, he also quick, only from exposure, but also that a start, separate know that he had been targeted by zhuge liang, and he doesn't know where he is to expose, but these have not important, he is not sure whether liu bei knows anything about it, but he knew, xiangyang is can't go back, this matter, already known to the nightingale to his secret by jingzhou to luoyang, as for the answers to lu bu, sums up only three words... Jiangdong.化为千风简谱




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