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苏醒为什么被封杀|郦志隆"The general... "The ship, many soldiers also found the river bank above the chaos, someone hurriedly pushed lv meng."Much talk! Meng da cast a cold glance at the bodyguard, checked his words, looked in the direction from which he had left, and smiled coldly"General, we did it!" "Snapped one of the generals.

Will be at the end of the "liu DHS, in the flat missing loyal to liu yan, has been through in 20 years time, played the qiang, war na, years guards Jia sprouting, several times to repel the enemy of the hanzhong pounce, six near-death, body size injury more than 50, for Chinese family, is to go through fire and water, there has never been more than half sentence complaints, also do not make any sorry his milan father and son The d voice is deep and hoarse, but let everyoneThis battle, difficult to hit, the yan yan would produce calm again after zhuge liang to get back in the account, and county maps, not from get wry smile together, the three men, any one, are tough, let alone three people together, can smoothly under the attack of shudu thought, but only to let zhuge liang has a headache, in his plan, strategy in the shu, at most two years, two years must take shu, but at the moment, no matter the counsellor, generals and soldiers not dominant, even if the various ge is bright, also some puzzled now."Season often, have provisions?" In the imperial palace of ci shi, zhuge liang was dealing with a copy of the document.苏醒为什么被封杀|"Who but him... "Halfway through, xiahou dun suddenly reacted and looked at cao cao with an ugly face.

苏醒为什么被封杀|Looked at the little relieved look, lyu3 bu4 cool way: "rest assured, if I do, I also never lie on this thing, in addition, remember your identity, even I, you are my woman, the in the mind how to think I don't care, but you shouldn't have to give me these stupid expression, were it not for the child in the womb, sheet is this, can let you were dead! Do not want to think, these two years to you, can be in front of my son and arrogant!""What did the general say?" Ford's heart beat a little faster, but he looked blankly at Chen."What happened? Method is to see to the shorts, shake head a way: "rest assured, I have been flying pigeon in the master, please Biao ride the gauls who come to van, this mess up in the shu, then even if these people unexpectedly, also let them go to luoyang alarm, priority, is chengdu, speed stability, although milan to behave in such a way, but the concept of land equalization policy has been spread out, I need to lower taxes, these people, master there will give them a proper answer, but the answer will not too fast, there are some things, drag drag, also do not have a thing!"

"Almost." Shorts nodded with a smile, this is method is brought to his two people, other skill: no, there is a good music, but as long as you have heard each other speak, can imitate to each other close, before all, natural is brokered shorts, milan, even if again fatuous, also can't do such a thing at a time, and the land of abundance, beauty, with milan, what kind of beauty, milan are also nothing special hobbies, how can go looking for members of the family?"Brother rest assured, I will not be careless, only the front line war report, brother if free time, may write to me? Pang tong with lu lingqi, zhaoyun and other people on the same generation, lu zheng as the younger brother of lu lingqi, although the age difference is not a lot, but still get along with the ceremony of the same generation.Staring at the crowd and taking a deep breath, he was about to speak when an officer of the army came in, looked at the crowd and declared, "your generals, there is an ugly man outside the camp who calls himself pang tong of guanzhong苏醒为什么被封杀|




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