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与官官同居的日子|东莞企业名录Silence of the night sky, dilapidated village gate, teams of Montenegro thief patrol to and fro, zhang yan in the war and has its own set of otherwise impossible in Carthage, cao cao also caught between these two governors in living for so many years, in so doing, also to tightens neural tube hai, also belong to a kind of exhausted soldiers, the Cao Caore use this method to deal with lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 may not come to xuzhou, didn't also the rule of northwest of northwest 虓 tiger today.Calculate these in the mind, li dian begins to urge troops to clear up baggage as soon as possible heavy, he should press force as soon as possible in the border of river luo area, calculate to do not have too big effect, but also want to let the soldier horse of lv bu at least give birth to a few fear heart.A group of female soldiers finally breathed a sigh of relief and began to gather.

"No more leading men. I am responsible for my own affairs. There will be no further intervention of the night owl camp." Lyu3 bu4 stand up, coldly however way, at the outset so cruel toss about night owl camp, did not have to vent anger of mind."Serpent woman, ignorance! After a long time, zhang he suddenly let out his anger and drank it out. He got a fright from all his relatives around him and stared at zhang he blankly."What are you mad about? ?" Magnificent sea depressed a stick swing to open ma chao's long gun, jumped out of the war group, angry at ma chao.与官官同居的日子|"Lord, the old male is suppressed! ?" Zhou cang and jiang lost followed lu bu to the front of the battle, looking at the scene before them, their faces rose an incredible look, the magnificent sea was on lu bu's side, but in addition to lu bu's first strong general, unified troops fighting may not be as good as zhang liao, gao shun, but before the battle general, lu bu under no one can match, at the moment was zhang he suppressed.

与官官同居的日子|But see a wipe Howe was a flash of light, the generals to see huang zhong bow is wrong, want to retract a head, huang zhong arrows have to, only heard a scream, sharp JianCu blasting the eye, through the head, since his brain out directly, more potential than, stood on the ground directly, bluestone paving the ground, was sent out a hole, only left arrow tail continuously tremor in the air."But...... "Li shu-hsiang looked hesitantly around. Although the soldiers of the hussars had all withdrawn, there were still some...Looking at the old man dressed in military uniform under the banner, zhang liao felt funny and said with a smile, "nobody in jizhou has sent an old man to his death! Who and I took down the old thief?"

"Thanks for the tie." Thinking, yuan shang has brought people over, formally salute to thank cao cao, no matter how to think in the heart, after all, others helped themselves, etiquette is sure to thank, otherwise spread out, yuan shang also what reputation?Yuan shang came to cao cao's battle with gao LAN and guan pei. Looking at cao chun's body, he shrank his eyes. He did not expect the battle to be so tragic."Is the little brother willing to let out so much information?" Gu shao looked at the guard and smiled.与官官同居的日子|




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