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兄弟玩神曲极速登录器|凝结多糖"Yes!" Zhe Ke shocked looked at the kitchen spring, but did not speak, this kind of thing, is not he can control, leave immediately, go to arrange, so large king's tent, only the occasional crackling sound and a faint sigh of grease burning...Chapter 29 hidden worryLate at night, Zuo Xianwang old camp, lyu3 bu4 with the army like a ghost appeared outside the old camp, looking at still lit the torch, in fact, has become a dead camp of the huns old camp, turned his head to look at CAI wenji, but see CAI wenji expression calm, and did not blame lyu3 bu4 cruel killing.

Cao Peng nodded should be, but in the heart is not satisfied with both mouth, hum two times, no longer speak."Yes." Giffin looked at lyu3 bu4's face, probably can guess some things, sighed in the heart, continue to say: "But these are the words, master urgent matter, is how to persuade these qiang haoshuai agreed to build.""No harm." Lyu3 bu4 stopped drinking Zhou Cang, thought: "You take people out of ten miles, He Yi He Man, you two go with me."兄弟玩神曲极速登录器|North palace from suddenly looked up, suddenly looked at lyu3 bu4, suddenly roared up to the sky.

兄弟玩神曲极速登录器|Lang Dang Dang ~Zhong yao is YingChuan celebrities, Zhong Jia is also YingChuan big family, zhong yao was captured, if this matter can't be solved, even will cause YingChuan family discontent.At, freeze side by side into cao fu.

A sword will want to surrender county commandant kill, zhang both looked around the soldiers, harsh voice roared: "keep thousands of days, use the time, this person is lyu3 bu4 pawns, is a thief, everyone has to kill, the court has sent reinforcements, a day to, now is the time to use your life...""Monseigneur, there is a troop ahead, look at the banner, is seibel troops!" Is drinking by the river, a scout suddenly ran back, bitter to zhong yao way.In the early morning, the thin mist gradually dispersed, A mighty team from huai county, full of more than ten miles of motorcade, or hay, or weapons, or some other trench, the trip to hanoi, not only got three hundred thousand people, but also got hoarded hay trench in hanoi, these things, not only cao cao, and hanoi family wealth, almost all here.兄弟玩神曲极速登录器|





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