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心动时刻简简单单爱|海纳八宝植物润黑露Liang Xing this moment, head suddenly became very clear, looked at the front of the cheek is still a little childish, at the moment is ferocious some twist, suddenly gave birth to an unspeakable regret, if not at the beginning of the class, perhaps, the strong west cool army will not fall to this step today, at least... I still have a chance to live."Qiang ~"Crossbow!

..."Yes, the Yinfeng Gorge!" Lyu3 bu4 nodded. "Although it is called the Canyon, In fact, the terrain is open, is the intersection of Daqingshan branch and Yinshan main vein, At the beginning, I led the ministry to study the fall of cadres of the Ho, ambushing the Qifu tribe, I've been here more than once, The interior is wide, Even if ten horses were not crowded at the same time, "and there is a way back, Twenty miles, If we can ambush Kim Lien Chuan's military forces here, The chances of success are high, Just keep them at bay in the Yin Feng Gorge, If Daesh chooses a detour, You're gonna lose us three points in momentum, In addition, we can set up half-way ambush, place horse pits in an area, and cut them off with the help of the Yinfeng Gorge. This is the best result. Not only will we be able to delay the enemy, we will be able to meet them for a while, but also we will have more time to swing around. We will be able to draw troops from the other five main tribes, and then we will be able to fight Dahi Shin a decisive battle. ""Yes, my men!" Ole smell speech, eyes flashed a touch of admiration, with lyu3 bu4 now control the troops, has exceeded the king's court, with lyu3 bu4 ability, now even if in turn to occupy the king's court, there is no problem, but lyu3 bu4 did not, but will hand over the military power.心动时刻简简单单爱|"Liu Bei, Xuande Gong." Zhaoyun murmured, somewhat distracted: "I met Xuande Gong under General Bogui of Youzhou, like-minded, once had a promise, if cloud left Youzhou in the future, will go to like-minded."

心动时刻简简单单爱|"How dare you, rat, break into my city!" He Yi suddenly felt a chill in his back neck, and the sound of hoofs rushed in his ears. He turned and swept away, not thinking about it."Is it really important to distinguish one family from another? Don't ask about one's origins. Four hundred years ago, some of these great families today were born." Zhaoyun puzzled look to pang tong."Martial arts, you this is..." Zhang he looked falling in grant, almost don't recognize it.

"Roar ~" Drop the hands have no voice of the body, backhand a short sword pulled out of the waist, let the blood flow lasers, step root backhand pulled out machetes, yelling: "children, kill me!""Where is Ziyuan? But Ziyuan!""Everyone is xianbei people, kui head incompetent, cause xianbei gradually decline, he is no longer worthy to do khan, warriors, as long as you willing to surrender, we will not hurt our own people!" Kirby Neron track.心动时刻简简单单爱|




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