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250pp c om美大集成环保灶新品The sky seemed to be playing a joke on cao cao. Just when cao cao retreated to his camp to prepare for the next battle, the scouts from hedong sent li dian's head.The people?Liu bei's dejection soon dissipated, standing at guan yu's side, shaking his head and looking at the sky: "the cloud is long. Three years ago, did you ever think that lv bu would have today?"

The last two years of continuous victory, indeed let lu bu some floating, this is also human nature, from the downhearted, but hundreds of people around the liu bandit, to now hold three states, there are western regions, river tao large land of a party overlord, this achievement, let lu bu inevitably appear a bit proud of the mood.But soon, when see in the county government drunk unconscious, ugly pang tong, a cool heart, this kind of people, really can justice for the people?If so...250pp c omAt the moment when yuan was still at a loss what to do, the dense footsteps sounded again, but zhang he brought a horse and army with him to gather here quickly. Yuan shang and others were on their feet, with a surprised expression on their faces.

250pp c omWith the high view of a command, a cold pieces of the arrow overspread the sky under the command of the high view shot to the rear of the enemy, plus before the blocking of the oracles, finally the cavalry momentum to block, lost the momentum of the charge of the cavalry, not much better than the infantry."The Lord is a bastard! < / p > < p > is a female soldier climbed out of the mud hole, learn to scold li shuxiang's appearance, and then without waiting for lv bu to speak, ran to li shuxiang side, consciously do.

"Ha ~" strong man smell speech, originally worry of the mood is relieved a few, these people look at fierce spirit evil spirit, but very simple and straightforward, with before saw soldier not quite the same.If so...250pp c om





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