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我爱记歌词主持人|大型玉米播种机The figure of nighthawk appears before lyu3 bu3 body, one knee ground bow way: "nighthawk dereliction of duty, let host and little advocate frighten, sin should die!"Especially in order to improve the combat effectiveness of the navy, lyu3 bu4 specially sent a craftsman in the bohai sea navy, and after have made a lot of warship design drawings, especially lyu3 bu4 keel to instill the concept of down, after a year of trial, with the first batch of keel, ships had been built the gan ning navy combat effectiveness is more better."You never know, maybe future pang will be grateful to shi yuan." Xu shu smiled and said, "with lu bu's present situation, if it develops for another ten years, it will not be impossible for lu bu to rule the whole world.

"This...... "Deng exhibition for a while some hesitation, the mind is not a loose, then at this time, the sudden change, a dagger mercilessly stabbed into his heart.The next morning, the han emperor personally received three Korean angel, no matter how to say, it is also a young fellow tianwei, and even if the clip lyu3 bu4, cao cao and lu bu, sooner or later, the first world war, many friends, also is equal to all the way more reinforcements, when dealing with lyu3 bu4, maybe can help the paekche countries, and han emperor Liu Xie inside, if lu bu and cao cao to make a lose-lose, only in this way, he didn't have a chance to return to power, clear enough.At this moment, in xiangyang city, a fire burst into the sky and spread rapidly around. CAI MAO and kuai liang looked at it unconsciously.我爱记歌词主持人|In fact, zhang liao was too worried. Although cao cao's industrial level was second only to that of lu bu, he could not promote lu bu to the whole army in terms of productivity and research and development cost. At least, it could be imitated in a short time and at most several elite regiments could be built.

我爱记歌词主持人|"Gong da, you can compile a book of the tactics of lv bu's army and send it to all the places to garrison troops. "Said cao cao."Pang shiyuan was fond of using the sword in a tactical way. He fought a small battle and gained a lot. However, if he lost, he could hardly bear it. Chen gong smiled.

Attitude determines the palace, Chen cao cao and pang tong smell speech nodded and agreed, with lyu3 bu4 strategic focus to the central plains, the seat moved to luoyang, it was really necessary, even now luoyang indeed to changan, but in terms of terrain, lyu3 bu4 migrate to luoyang, can better control the territory, even if jiangdong not with lyu3 bu4 alliance, will seat moved to luoyang is also a matter of time before."Last move?" Cao cao wen yan one zheng, immediately complexion big change, suddenly rise, twist a head severe voice way: "notice yuan let, seal off four doors, no one can come in and out, everyone, follow me into the palace face saint!"我爱记歌词主持人|




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