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净化天灾巨魔|小二哥点菜宝Even if die, in the death before also want with vigour and vitality!"Last move?" Cao cao wen yan one zheng, immediately complexion big change, suddenly rise, twist a head severe voice way: "notice yuan let, seal off four doors, no one can come in and out, everyone, follow me into the palace face saint!"Liu2 bei4 pro who is Chen to training for him over the years, only five hundred people, but each were selected through all elite, roaring toward the enemy, who is liu bei as a baby, the suddenly set aside five hundred people dedicated to protect the various ge is bright, also can see that liu bei's emphasis on the various ge is bright, the satrap of all stripes lobby, zhuge liang is the liu bei since the first time in the true sense of ideas, liu bei is a complicated Ming in the heart, that is uneasy, and look forward to, also with somewhat worried.

"It seems that these two people have been wary of the Lord, even against the will of sun quan!" "Chen gong frowned."Elder brother, if kongming can't succeed, don't we waste time here?" Guan yu followed liu bei's side. He could understand liu bei's inner urgency and could not help suggesting, "if I send troops and kongming lobby for all parties, how about we attack all the way to xiangyang?""Lord." They gave lv bu a little salute.净化天灾巨魔|"I think wei yan can take this job!" Pang tong bowed.

净化天灾巨魔|Lv zheng consciously came to the side of lv bu, followed lv bu practice together, but also a model.The moment toward huang2 zhong2 gong arch hand way: "that then have labourer han sheng general.""Met the champion hou." Out of your frost line museum, but is met with a strange face of lu xun toward the side of the view, your frost country sent to the people have been looked after, now your frost line museum has been taken over by the quartet tube.

"It's no use saying anything now." Lv bu shook his head and said, "as for hanzhong, let pang tong and wei yan continue to show the banner of zhanglu to others for the time being. When we completely digest hanzhong, we will change the banner.""End the battle as soon as possible, and remember, never persecute the people! Xiangyang soldiers, please try to surrender." Liu bei nodded his head and said solemnly that xiangyang, as the capital of xiangyang in liu biao's time, could not be replaced by a second city in jingzhou in a short time, whether it was solid or politically important."The envoy of baiji came to see the son of heaven? It's not that simple, is it?" Zhong you said with a sneer, "four years ago, lv bu was training sailors in the bohai sea. It seemed that he was trying to get rid of these people.净化天灾巨魔|




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