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江绵康简历氯仿价格Chen Gongwen speech, can't help but sigh a little, no more words.Korea hence stay in the account, once again looked at the war report in his hand, for a moment, the whole person seems to be ten years old."Shut up." Lyu3 bu4 stared at Addis. "I'll call you sir later."

Lyu3 bu4 nodded, dressed, striding to the door."That most beautiful woman in the world?" Lyu3 bu4 sneer at a way: "What beautiful woman can the huns have? Or have you seen a few beautiful women?"When Korea hence brave the heavy rain feel burned when the camp, is a mess, the remaining qiang packed up the mess of the battlefield, the ground is all corpses.江绵康简历"Don't doubt anyone, don't doubt anyone." Lyu3 bu4 deeply looked at the direction of giffin left, his heart naturally can't completely don't worry, but time waits for me, this time, also can only boldly let go, otherwise, has been fighting with his own men, flinching, in this troubled times is easy to miss the opportunity.

江绵康简历Even if you have any insights into the future, But lyu3 bu4 or a person, not zhuge liang that evil, also did not become a school bully, his strong point is to master the heart, know people, plus the combat experience left behind by his predecessor, is a qualified commander-in-chief, but he can't everything will be all by himself, don't say there is no that energy, just ability is not enough."Damn you!" D looked into GongYing, voice through a cold, sit down horse began to charge.This time, Lyu3 bu4 side day painting ji is very slow, D can clearly see the trajectory of the party day painting ji, but soon, in the air, even produce a remnant, d spell all out, but also just barely meet, accompanied by a loud noise, d only feel a buzz in my mind, the whole body was that heavy like a heavy shock from horseback.

Lyu3 bu4 don't find qin hu, not only because Qin Hu and Yuan Shao came close, The key reason is that Qin Hu is too strong, Although not more than the huns, But not much worse, At least twenty thousand soldiers can be brought out, If the other party does not promise, lyu3 bu4 want to win qin hu is difficult, the moon people hu was lyu3 bu4, the most critical point is that the moon people hu is too weak, as long as there is an opportunity, lyu3 bu4 have confidence to quickly win the moon people king, and support a willing to support their own moon people king out, this reason, of course, can't say it directly with the moon people king.Chapter seventeen rainy night hijacking camp"What?" Xiong broad sea puzzled look to lyu3 bu4.江绵康简历





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