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暴风刑警演员表|美人芯组合Shepherd slope, a fierce battle finally ended, pound stood on YuanMen, overlooking the Korea hence coalition forces like the tide, a few days, let pound lost a lot of weight, but between eyebrows, but more than a few minutes in the past never have calm bearing."Kill me!" For a moment, santa suddenly felt the malice around, as if for a moment, originally should be under his warrior, became his enemy, face suddenly a change, harsh voice way: "don't listen to his nonsense, the Chinese mean and cunning, you should have seen, warriors, how can the huns warriors bow their heads to mean Chinese, with me to kill out!"Looked at again was driven down the wall of the west cool army, Korea hence helplessly issued a sounding order, fu ping in seibel guard, can be said to be watertight, let Korea then want to do everything possible to countermeasure, the other side is like a rock, difficult to break.

Chapter 53 soldiers in hanoiChicken dog don't stay, of course, is just a slogan, with lyu3 bu4 now thirst for the population, wei yan believe, if he really dare to do that, lyu3 bu4 will definitely let him raise his head to see, but not hinder the slogan shouted out, at least look at the city's garrison retreating, the effect is good."Unless..." Marotta looked at lyu3 bu4, face also become a little dignified.暴风刑警演员表|Wuwei, show beauty.

暴风刑警演员表|"Prepare for siege!" Wei Yanleng hum 1, although failed to shoot zhang both, but succeeded in reducing the morale of the other side to freezing point, a wave of his hand, wei yan has lost the patience to continue to ink.Larocca withdrew, and three shots have been fired, larocca's retreat all sealed to death, larocca gun out like a dragon, instantly, will all three shots fly, a burst of drinking in the ear like thunder, but d has in this moment, pegasus to, at a glance will see hanging on the city head of marten and matthew's head.Lyu3 bu4 nodded and walked to the center of the platform again, looking at Han De and the other 35 people, each with more or less injuries.

"Kill and kill." Santa frowned, waved, was about to drive off the subordinates, suddenly turned his head to look at the subordinates: "Who killed? Tu everyone in trouble again?"The clouds of war with seibel, zhang liao military forces stationed in the north, quickly spread in the West Cool, Korea hence in know lyu3 bu4 after joining the battlefield, and not too big an accident, for him, if can take this opportunity to compromise lyu3 bu4 spirit, hurt its vitality, after annexing d, can take the opportunity to south, the guanzhong land into the bag, with lyu3 bu4 brought millions of people, he will have enough strength, and kanto governors."Congratulations to the general, it seems that master did not doubt the general, also give the general decision-making power." Chen xing some envy to seibel, decided on the spot, that is the meaning of leading an army alone.暴风刑警演员表|




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