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张根硕女友金小姐|矿山放炮打眼机"Kill!""Yes." D bow way.Hmm ~

It is contemptuous to take forty thousand for yourself, but ninety thousand for Qui-tou.Turning his head, he looked at Langan, reached out and removed the scarf from her face, looked at the still beautiful, but already haggard face, and shook his head. "Sure enough, once a man or woman is trapped in love, any ambition for supremacy will become an empty talk. I still prefer the ambitious you, and then conquer it, and you will be happy."Sentence suddenly and upright when a glance at each other, can see each other's eyes flashed the frightened look, dare not disobey, hurriedly riding to follow, five hundred moon people from riding quietly behind lyu3 bu4, bypassing the battlefield, toward begging for the direction of the tribal army.张根硕女友金小姐|Giffin smiled and handed it to lyu3 bu4, saying, "xin first wish master the invasion of horses to success."

张根硕女友金小姐|"You..." Xu Chu furious, will carry a knife to cut people, 's hurriedly stopped: "ZhongKang not reckless.""Then... who will lead the troops?" Qui-head looked at step root, and under all the leaders, asked a very critical question."Afraid of you!" Coss was wei yan yesterday, at the moment successfully ambushed to Chen Xing troops, finally out of the chest a malevolent, smell speech without hesitation clap dance knife, toward Chen Xing killed.

Lyu3 bu4 looked up, she chucked out a scream, the sky, the eagle happy and sent out a crow, like an arrow general wings a shock, flying in the direction of lyu3 bu4, near lyu3 bu4 in the moment, a flapping wings, with a huge air flow blown lyu3 bu4 need to spread.After two people go out, temuzhen looked at two people: "remember, from the day we entered the grassland, I am the huns temuzhen, you have to call me the leader, can't call master."Lyu3 bu4 went to the yard, very abrupt roared, like a thunder.张根硕女友金小姐|




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